Opal X – HourGlass TRON Dapp with Anti-Dumping Feature from OpalsTron TEAM $ OPL $OPLX

🥳 Launching : 04-November-2020 

💰 Verified smart-contract

💰 No pre-mine of OPAL-X

💰 No Platform/admin fee

💰 Anti-Dumping function

💰 10% Buy fee 💰 15% Sell fee 💰 5% Transfer fee 💰 5% Refferal Commission

With in the inbuilt exchange in contract we can Buy OPAL-X with OPAL / Sell OPAL-X to get OPAL

Buy OPAL from Justswap:


Hold OPAL-X to receive OPAL as Dividends (10% of Opal Distributed to holders When Someone Buy , 15% of Opal Distributed to holders When Someone Sell Opalx and 5% of Opal Distributed to holders When Someone transfer Opalx).

Initial price of OPAL X – 0.010000 Buying/Selling will increase/decrease the Price of Opalx by 0.000010 Reinvest /

Withdraw your dividends ( HOLD OPAL-X more EARN OPAL more )

Anti-dump functions : 5% of your OPAL-X only you can sell in 24 hours ( After 90 days of purchase you are free to sell all your Opalx )

What is Opal X? Opal X (OPLX) is a DEFI token on the Tron Blockchain, with an inbuilt exchange system within the contract. Unlike other tokens, which requires an exchange to trade, OPLX can be traded within its smart contract.

The contract charges 10% buy fee, 15% sell fee and 5% transfer fee, which gets distributed as dividends to all the OPLX holders, proportional to their holdings.

All transactions (BUY & SELL) are done using only OPALS (OPL) DEFI token. If you do not have OPL tokens, click here to buy OPL tokens from the JustSwap Decentralized Exchange.

You buy OPLX token using OPL token, and get dividends in OPL token, whenever someone buys, sells or transfers OPLX, as long as you hold the OPLX tokens.

The more OPLX tokens you hold, the more dividends you will earn in OPL.

To avoid dumping and make this a sustainable contract, the anti – dumping feature is implemented in this contract.

You are allowed to sell only up to 5% of your OPLX token holdings in 24 hours, until 90 days from the time you have purchased the OPLX tokens recently.

Everytime you purchase OPLX, the timer will reset and you have to wait for another 90 days. After 90 days, you are free to sell all your OPLX tokens without any restrictions. You are allowed to sell or transfer OPLX tokens, only once in every 24 hours, until 90 days from the time you have purchased the OPLX tokens recently. If you try to sell more than 5% of your OPLX tokens, before 90 days from the time you have purchased the OPLX tokens recently, only 5% will be executed and deducted from your OPLX token holdings.

⭕️ No need to refer to earn, but you can get 5% from your direct referral

⭕️ How to start – you need to buy TRX or Swap from BTC/ETH etc.

💰 Where to buy TRX?

⭕️ Binance – https://www.binance.com/en?ref=13580082

⭕️You can also swap your crypto for TRX in Tron Wallet, Klever or Exodus etc.

⭕️ The next step – download one of the supported wallets, that can connect to a smart contract – Tron Wallet, Klever or Token Pocket on your mobile or TronLink addon for Chrome – tested and works fine.

⭕️ Next you will need a link – put in your mobile wallet’s browser or just paste it in Chrome if you are using TronLink addon.

You need to buy Opals $OPL to invest in Opal X – on JustSwap: https://justswap.io/#/scan/detail/trx/TCy1HMVFNj6exwxtZT6g2NrCWNQyL1y742

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