CSE Community Staking Experiment


The idea is simple, we as a community want things that payout and don’t scam.

Community Staking Experiment exist to show the wonders of what community can do behind a great platform.

📲💻 LINK:

You will get EXTRA 10% if you enter auction from my reflink.


https://t.me/englishdappdefi – CHAT

https://t.me/defidappnews – NEWS

🌐 PROJECTS I AM IN: https://linktr.ee/cryptolifestyle

C.S.E. TRON COMMUNITY STAKING EXPERIMENT Contract: https://tronscan.org/#/contract/TVs1rRWrBkgQ5zxksYJuCeGthFohjKUGyy

As a parent you always want your children to do better than you, so we have taken cues from our platform parents (HEX, T2X, DSP, and our little brother GXY – 😉 and are offering to everyone the opportunity to take advantage of what we felt like could be one the biggest opportunities in crypto.

🚀🚀Join the experiment today


A few things set us a part from our co-platform friends.

🚀 Community-minded platform driven by you. Founder is bitcoinbrown and 2 screened devs. (you can message us on telegram and we have all been in crypto for years – made money and lost tons just like everyone else.) We got tired of being scammed and looking at poorly done websites and contracts so we made this better for the community.

🚀 98% Daily div payouts with only 2% platform commission Yes we invested in SSLs+Amazon Web Servers+Cloudflare Protection. Yes although we borrowed a clone, we changed all elements of website including font, colors, layout, made it friendly for mobile user, just to name a few)

🚀 10% Referral Bonus (Join with someone’s link get 10% more)

🚀 100 Day Max Stakes (the more shares the more trx, but careful if you unstake early you kill your tokens that will be needed for our first dapp releasing within 2weeks of launch.)

🚀 Marketing, Contest and Giveaways!🎉🎉

🚀 The first CSE Token ‘usecase’ dapp “Charge” is already finished and will be in testing and launched within 10 days of staking launch so CSE tokens will be crucial 😉

🚀 Only 900k Founder Premine (You can also share the profits from the first two days below – half will be reinvested) 🚀 Founder days 50% split + reinvest. [Unlike Our co-platform friends, The first 2 days of the auction lobby 50% of the close amount will be re-invested into the platform. Example, if the lobby closes at 10 Million TRX, 5 Million will be automatically put back into the next day.]

🚀 Daily 2.5 Million Token Auction Lobby.

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